Handmade Ilfochrome Prints

Printed by hand in my wet darkroom, Ilfochrome prints are arguably the most beautiful color photographic prints available today. The paper incorporates highly stable color Azo dyes and is polyester backed, resulting in images of exceptional luminosity and depth. Properly displayed with good lighting, Ilfochrome prints glow from within with a sense of dimension unparalleled in color print-making.

Sadly, Ilfochrome was discontinued in October of 2011. I hold a stock of paper (frozen) and chemistry (cold-stored) which should allow me to continue to print Ilfochrome for 5-7 years. Due to the rarity, expense and exceptionality of the material, I will only print images that are ideally suited to Ilfochrome's characteristics.

Pigment Ink Prints

Utilizing the finest digital printing and imaging technology available today, I create my pigment ink prints on archival fibre-based inkjet papers. Prints are meticulously refined for color balance, luminosity, and sharpness with selective masking and dodging and burning.

Pigment Ink Prints exhibit a pastel subtler beauty than the dynamism of Ilfochrome. They also show well in less-than-ideal lighting conditions. The archival rating of chosen papers is exceptional, ranging from 80-150+ years on display. Prints are created from digital or film-scanned originals. They are also an option to Ilfochrome prints when display conditions are challenging.

Limited Editions

Regardless of print type, all my images are limited in edition to 45 prints with an additional 5-10 Artist Proofs. Artist proofs are maintained for printing reference at different sizes and types. Artist Proofs may not be offered (for sale or philanthropy) until an edition is sold out.

How to Purchase a Print

It's easy. Just fill out the Print Inquiry Form and we'll be in touch. Invoices are handled through PayPal and can be paid by credit card without the need for an account.

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Digital Imaging Disclosure

None of my work employs the now relatively common technique of adding or removing physical objects (i.e. cloning) from a scene.

While photography is not a direct representation of reality, it is important to me to present my work with a veracity that is, foremost, faithful to the scene I experienced in the field.

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