Christopher Burkett

Apr 1, 1951 -

Photographer, Master Printer

Christopher Burkett's Inspiration

Mentor in printing. Master at process and craft.

About Christopher Burkett

Christopher Burkett is renowned as a large format American landscape photographer and master Cibachrome printer. Creating Cibachrome color prints of unprecedented dimension, up to 40x50, he is one of the greatest color printers in the history of the medium. While a member of a Christian religious brotherhood, he became interested in photography as a form of religious expression. He later left the brotherhood to continue his pursuit of photography as an artistic and religious experience, informed by his religious faith. He currently lives in the Pacific Northwest with his wife Ruth and attends the Church of the Annunciation, a branch of the Orthodox Church of America.

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One of Christopher's masterful cibachrome prints.

Too often, attempting to represent the sacred in nature is maligned as being naive or simplistic, and is said to be unchallenging and visually unsophisticated. This need not be so.

- Christopher Burkett