Stuart Scofield

Dec 11, 1953 -

Photographer, Teacher

Stuart Scofield's Inspiration

About Stuart Scofield

Stuart has spent twenty-five years refining the craft approach to photography, and the teaching of that craft. Craft is simply the mechanism that the artist uses to translate the experience and the visual imagery into a personal, creative statement. He is a tireless advocate for the potential of photography as a means of creative expression. Stuart is also our resident cowboy mountain man. His grandfather homesteaded in Big Oak Flat (near Yosemite) in the 1880’s, and he has spent his entire life in and around Yosemite and mountains and deserts. Stuart has recently moved from Lee Vining (Mono Lake) to Winnemucca, Nevada, in order to establish a new business to serve as a permanent, full-time home for photographic craft.