Zion National Park Portfolio

Zion National Park

My muse: images from a 22-year photographic courtship.

Zion - Fall Portfolio

Zion - Fall

In water and canyon's shadow, leaved tapestries of colored splendor.

Zion - Water Portfolio

Zion - Water

The lifeblood of Zion National Park in exceptional flowing forms.

Zion - Water Portfolio

Zion - Stone

Sculptures and tapestries: the workings of water, wind and time.

Southwest Portfolio

The Southwest

The incomparable lands that inspired my path into photography.

Agriculture I Portfolio

Agriculture I

An ode to the infrastructure that supports our grain food system.

Agriculture II Portfolio

Agriculture II

Continued explorations of the textures and forms of agriculture.

California Portfolio


Yosemite and the Sierra, the Pacific Coast and White Mountains.

Oregon Portfolio


Explorations near and far in the vast Eastern Oregon desert.

Star Trails Portfolio

Star Trails

Sequences of 30-second exposures map earth to the heavens.

Cloud Light Portfolio

Cloud Light

The luminous light and imaginative forms of clouds.

Polaroid I Portfolio

Polaroid I

Type 52 Polaroid, a negative-less midtone-rich B&W medium.