Stalks, Grass & Willows

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Notes from the Field (2008)

This image came about by accident. Literally. After a week long workshop in the White Mountains, a small group spent some time with Stuart Scofield at his cabin in Twin Lakes, California. Our goal was to photograph Aspens at the height of fall color but one rather blustery day we visited some natural hot springs for a change of pace. After a good hot soak, I was climbing out, got a bit dizzy and stumbled hitting a rock with my left foot and taring my pinky toenail completely off. That was some serious ouch!

The next couple days we visited a lovely area called Soldier's Meadow. My sore foot could only manage sandals so I was largely confined to our base camp which soured my photographic mood. But as I settled down and began to actually see what was around me, I was drawn to a section of willows and grasses along a little stream. Contemplating the scene on and off for almost an entire afternoon, I settled into the chosen composition with the realization my injury had forced a new quieter way of seeing compositional possibilities.

About the California Portfolio

California served as my home for over 40 years. Out of college I moved to the San Francisco Bay Area and it was then my interest in photography grew. In a 2-3 hour drive you could have access wild stretches of the Pacific Coast or explore the wonders of the Sierra Nevada including the incomparable Yosemite Valley. It was a great region to grow my passion for photography.

In 2000, I took a photography workshop at a remote research station, Crooked Creek, in the White Mountains of California. There I discovered exciting new subject matter in the ancient groves of Bristlecone Pines. And the instructor, Stuart Scofield, introduced me to Polaroid Type 52 which added an exciting new dimension to my photography.

The photographs here represent a collection of both favorite and important color images from two decades of image making in California.

Stalks, Grass & Willows, Sierra Nevada

Stalks, Grass & Willows

Sierra Nevada, California — 2008

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