Cape Royal

Grand Canyon, Arizona — 1999 View Full Southwest Portfolio »

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About the Southwest Series

The place origin of my photographic interest began in the Desert Southwest during road trips with friends in college. Combined interests in native religion and photography took us into Arizona, specifically, the Navajo and Hopi reservations. Late in the Fall, the play of light on the land captivated me. While my personal interest was not inclined towards photography at the time, subsequent trips to Monument Valley and Zion National Park, blossomed the desire in to me to convey the power of what I was experiencing.

With a few exceptions, the images in this portfolio tend towards my earlier work in the late 1990's. During those formative years, I more often chased photographs, inspired to drive all night to a particular location, often trying to emulate the style of images I'd seen in books, calendars and online in the early days of the Internet. While 99+% of those film images remain dark stored in photo binders, these images here are my personal favorites.

Cape Royal, Goosenecks State Park

Cape Royal

Grand Canyon, Arizona — 1999

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