Photography Workshops


Have you ever experienced great excitement over a photograph you made only to find that excitement dissolve hours or days later when viewed on your monitor or light table? What went wrong? That disappointment, in the moment, can be so powerful you might feel like giving up photography all together. I know, I've been there. Many times.

Leaves on Sandstone, Zion National Park
Fall is a spectacular time to take a workshop in Zion National Park.

Photography is one of the most accessible and ubiquitous mediums on the planet. It's easy to make a pretty picture. Just go to a pretty place, point the camera and press the shutter (physical or digital). But the satisfaction of pretty pictures quickly wanes. And that's when, for the committed photographer, the real work begins. My workshops are devoted to the photographer interested in developing the knowledge and craft to create compelling photographs that express an individual style and perspective. In short, my desire is to help you make photographs that have something unique and powerful to say to the world.


Let's talk first about what my workshops aren't. There are no Top 10 list of tips and tricks. There is no compositional rule-of-thirds or fill-the-frame malarky. I don't tell you where to place your tripod to make "that" photograph. I don't provide 50 Lightroom presets. I'm not going to tell you what magic Instagram filter you need to garner 10,000 likes.

What I am interested in, what I'm devoted to, is craft. My mission is to enable, for myself, and for you, the power to lead a creative life through the chosen medium of photography. I wish to teach you the process of creating photographs that best express the heart of the inspiration that moved you to consider the image in the first place. To do that well, requires dedication and effort. But the rewards, for your photography, and even your life, can be transformative.

Experiences Tailored to You

Follow the script, cookie-cutter this isn't. It's about you, either 1:1 or in a small group of like minded passionate individuals. My goal is to understand your needs and design an experience that is supportive, challenging, and fun. That experience can be in the field, in my studio, or in your neighborhood. The only thing I ask is your dedicated attention. During workshops your phone goes into airplane-mode. Instructionally, your mine. And, I'm yours.

What to Expect

Once you've submitted the Workshops inquiry form, I'll contact you to arrange a chat. A chat by phone. Or Skype. I'm technology hip that way. The chat, or dare I say, "interview", will clarify the details for a workshop. I'll put together a basic itinerary and a quote, then email it to you for approval. Place a 20% deposit and we're rolling.

Every workshop includes an initial consultation (up to an hour), a workshop packet outlining how best to prepare, and any other relevant details. Workshop days begin early and go late. They're intense and if you're not happily exhausted at the end of one, I haven't done my job. Workshop fees include all instruction, supporting materials, and, for full day workshops, an optional evening meal out. I like good food, wine and conversation. Most old-school film photographers do. We're funny that way.

Yes! Now what?

Please, please, please, familiarize yourself with the details of the current workshop options: Zion National Park or Bend, Oregon. Once you're ready to dive in, go ahead and fill out the inquiry form, submit it, and I'll be in touch shortly.

A personalized workshop can be an amazing experience. I look forward to hearing from you.