Zion National Park Workshops

Utah's Crown Jewel

Towering pink, red, and white sandstone cliffs welcome you to the magnificence of Zion National Park, Utah's oldest and most popular national park — its crown jewel. Beneath deep cobalt blue skies, Zion's main canyon meanders a sinuous path carved by the deceptively small but spirited Virgin River. A geologist's palette of earth history, the massive cliffs, spires, and hoodoos, tower over an outdoor lover's open canvas of explorable canyons populated with a variety of flora and fauna, the most diverse in the region.

Remnants, Zion Canyon, Zion National Park
‟Remnants”, photographed during Fall in 2014 in Zion's main canyon.

A Photographer's Paradise

For the photographer, Zion presents a vast array of photographic inspiration and opportunity. Every drive, hike, or random exploration offers a variety of vistas and intimate details well suited to different photographic interests. With its many canyons running both North and South and East and West, there is rarely a time of day without exceptional light somewhere for making photographs. And, depending on the time of year, a mix of weather, fall color, wildlife and wildflowers only add to the visual richness Zion presents.

Workshop Focus

In tailoring a workshop specific to you or a small group (maximum 3 persons), there are a number of educational components that can be covered including:

  • Equipment Review and Optimization
  • Composition (Image Management)
  • Exposure (Tonal Management)
  • Post Processing (Adobe Lightroom & Photoshop)
  • Developing a Personal Style
  • Time Lapse and/or Nighttime Photography

Each workshop, however tailored, includes a goal appropriate balance of field work, casual lecture and discussion. Portfolio reviews (physical or digital) are an excellent option. Time commitment can be as little as half day to an entire week. And if conducive to our mutual schedule, a 1:1 workshop can be segmented (i.e. three 1/2 days over a week) to allow for a balance of instruction and personal work.

What to Expect

Once you've submitted the Workshops inquiry form, I'll contact you to arrange a chat. A chat by phone. Or Skype. I'm technology hip that way. The chat, or dare I say, "interview", will clarify the details for a workshop. I'll put together a basic itinerary and a quote, then email it to you for approval. Place a 20% deposit and we're rolling.

Every workshop includes an initial consultation (up to an hour), a workshop packet outlining how best to prepare, and any other relevant details. Workshop days begin early and go late. They're intense and if you're not happily exhausted at the end of one, I haven't done my job. Workshop fees include all instruction, supporting materials, and an evening meal out somewhere. I like good food, wine and conversation. Most old-school film photographers do. We're funny that way.