Reflections #10

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About the Zion: Water Portfolio

Over the years I developed a weekly morning ritual in Zion. At least a day a week, sometimes many more, I'll stroll stretches of the Virgin River attentively observing the rising sun’s light descend the western side of the canyon, painting reflected magic in the cascades and ripples of the river. No year or season is ever the same. The dynamics are constant; the river courses new paths and flow rates fluctuate carving new reflective patterns.

I’ve made many images of this watery phenomenon over the years. Initially the images were more literal interpretations of scenes. Over time I became attenuated to the more atmospheric and abstract nature of light and water flow. The images here reflect my ever-deepening understanding of this phenomenom. I can’t help but have gratitude for the lessons I’ve been taught by such aesthetic masters.

Reflections #10, Virgin River, Zion National Park

Reflections #10

Virgin River, Zion National Park — 2015

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