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About the Photographic Print

The photographic print is the artistic culmination of the original inspiration and the photographer's vision. It is why I am the only one who will ever print my work. My prints are created in my darkroom/studio in Bend, Oregon.

Printing Styles

My photography employs both film and digital mediums. This has allowed me to develop expertise in both analog and digital printing and utilize both for two styles of prints: Handmade Ilfochrome and Pigment Ink Prints.

I encourage you to understand the difference in these printing styles and why a particular one may be better suited to your intent and display environment.

Print Pricing

Image Size* 11 x 14 16 x 20 20 x 24 24 x 30 32 x 40
Matted Size 16 x 20 24 x 28 28 x 32 32 x 40 -
Handmade Ilfochrome $450 $650 $950 - -
Digital Pigment Ink $250 $450 $650 $850 $1050

Free Consultation

Acquiring art over the Internet can feel impersonal and make people hesitant. I've been burned myself. To ease your concerns, I'd love to speak with you and discuss print and purchase options. My goal is to offer you a lovely print that will display optimally in your environment. Just fill out the Contact Us form and select "Art Consultation" under Inquiry Type. Or call me directly: 541.408.7379.

With Gratitude

I wish to thank you. I'm grateful you're interested in my work and there's nothing I'd like more than to personally assist you in adding one of my prints to your home, business or collection.